Certification: Your Next Career Move

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Teachers and clinicians sometimes feel like no career moves are available to them. While many districts have looked for ways for teachers to progress without having to leave the classroom, one possibility might lie in an area often employed by other career paths: earning a certificate. We often encourage our students to be lifelong learners. Are we leading by example? If you decide to pursue a certificate, make sure it plays into your passion. After all, our excitement and expertise inspire the next generation.

Gaining credibility, increasing your marketability, professional development, moving across the salary scale, and gaining new knowledge are just some of the benefits of obtaining certification listed by Sue Kaiden. Employers and administration often view a certificate as indication of personal ambition and expertise.   If you are considering applying for a new job or seeking leadership roles, a certificate could increase your chances of reaching those goals.

Often teachers and clinicians have completed degree programs and have little interest in pursuing another piece of paper. However, those same teachers might feel like things have been a little stagnant in their classroom. Clinicians might desire to learn about the latest research without enrolling in a demanding program. In both cases, a certificate in a field where their passion lies might allow them to brush up on their skills and invigorate their practice.

Certificate programs likely cost much less than degree programs but could potentially help teachers and clinicians move up the income ladder. Often times, the human resources department can help inform you of how many graduate units shy you might be of the next salary step. A certificate could be the perfect step up the salary schedule.

Another advantage of many certificate programs is the convenience of online courses. If you can’t imagine adding one more thing to your full plate, the self-paced online course might be a viable option for you to accomplish your personal and professional goals without having to drive yourself to a campus twice a week for a semester. You might want to consider getting a college certificate that allows flexibility in your schedule.

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