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Which of our courses are the most popular, and why do students love them? See for yourself! We have compiled our list and have highlighted what teachers and professionals have to say about them.

  1. EDUX 7816 Reading Strategies: Developing Skilled Readers

Format: Independent Book Study

The best aspect of this course was finding some new strategies that can help some of my students that are severely behind in reading. This is my 2nd year working with a lot of the same students and the year before I used many strategies and didn’t see much growth, but using some of these new strategies, I am already seeing some growth (even though very tiny for some) and that just fills my teacher heart with joy to see any growth with my students.


  1. EDUX 7819 The Growth Mindset Coach: Empowering Students to Achieve

Format: Independent Book Study

The topic of growth vs. fixed mindset is very relevant to my current classroom situation, as I have students who display a wide range of abilities and levels of motivation and I must reach each one. Understanding the difference between fixed and growth mindsets I am now able to recognize these traits in my students and will adjust my teaching towards each accordingly.


  1. EDUX 7605 Classroom Management: Effective Strategies

Format: Independent Research Study

I was able to select a topic that I was interested in, learn more about it, and center my learning and activities around it. I think the reflection piece of this course was particularly relevant to applying the texts I read to my teaching and applying the material to my own classroom routines and procedure. I have been able to reflect on what works and what does not work. I will research further areas of interest to achieve personal and professional goals. I will guide my students and encourage them to approach learning in the same way.


  1. EDUX 7803 Secrets of Successful Students

Format: Independent Book Study

I have taken many professional development classes that required work that was not beneficial to me. I feel that the structured response questions provoke deep thought about the book and help me consider how the concepts can be applied to benefit my specific classroom and teaching strategies. I enjoy the way CCC formats their book studies and I plan on taking several more courses.


  1. EDUX 7325 Neuroscience & the Classroom: Making Connections

Format: Online Video

As a school-based speech language pathologist (SLP), it is a struggle to find courses that are both applicable and effective for me to grow my skills as an SLP educator. I was able to read articles and explore additional resources that were applicable to speech language therapy and my role in the schools. In addition, unlike a traditional teacher, my schedule has crunch times and times that are more flexible and open due to how individualized education plan meetings and testing is completed for special education. The format of this course allowed me the flexibility to complete greater portions of it when I had more time to do so.


  1. EDUX 7080 Teaching Reading K-2 Workshop

Format: Online Video

I greatly benefitted from learning about different centers and reading routines to implement in my classroom and the benefit of having predictable routines in reading that kids can expect daily. It also provided insight on how to differentiate instruction for all of my students, such as using flexible grouping in the classroom. I learned a lot about how my classroom should be set up to best benefit students in their learning so that they are able to use the entire class a resource. Everything about my organization and instruction should be intentional and purposeful and the video series gave me different criteria and ideas to follow or use when doing so.


  1. EDUX 7402 Healing ADD

Format: Online Video

I wanted to become more aware of the symptoms and treatments of ADD. I gained important information about how to help my struggling students. I think this course should be a course every teacher takes in his or her credential course. Teachers do not have the strategies or skills to help students with ADD in their first years.


  1. EDUX 7355 Reading & Writing in the Disciplines

Format: Online Video

I was pleasantly surprised that a course I had assumed to be irrelevant to me as an elementary level math teacher proved to be a pivotal point in my instructional strategies. This course definitely exceeded my expectations and helped me meet needs I had not even seen before I explored this video series.


  1. EDUX 7545 Educational Methods and Strategies

Format: Post Professional Development

I appreciated being able to use the time that was already given to training to further my own understanding and gain credits with the course. The course requires you to think deeply about what you learned and experienced which usually would not happen after a training the materials often end up on a bookshelf in the classroom until needed again. The course requires a lot of reflection on successes and findings gained through training and professional development.


  1. EDUX 7160 The Learning Classroom: Theory into Practice

Format: Online Video

I enjoyed the self-paced nature and the effective presentation of the material. I appreciated the purposeful assignments as well, which is another reason this course comes highly recommended for other educators. We appreciate the value of being a life-long learner, but also are very busy people with personal lives as well and do not have time or the desire to complete meaningless assignments. Every assignment, article and video for this course was purposeful and well-intended.


How many of our Top Ten have you taken? Enroll in one of these or take one of our many other affordable, quality professional development courses today!

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