Summer-BreakReport cards are done, bulletin boards have been taken down, and you’ve said goodbye to your students. Before you know it, the next school year begins. Here are a few ideas to maximize your vacation days:

  1. Summer cleaning

You probably didn’t do much around the house during the spring, so take on a home project you have on the list, de-clutter a room in the house, and prepare your little oasis for the coming year.

  1. Read!

Take some time to read for fun. Visit your air-conditioned local library, a used bookstore, or even join a summer book club!

  1. Catch up with loved ones

You may have more free time, but your friends and family might still have work. Meet them for lunch, send a letter, or make time for a phone call with a long distance relative. Invest in the people you love!

  1. Be a student

Whether you need to move over on the salary scale or just want to revitalize your teaching, a professional development course can help you meet your goals. You will feel excited to go back into the classroom and implement all that you’ve learned over the summer.

  1. Work

For many teachers, more income is needed to make ends meet. So whether you choose to teach summer school or pick up an odd job, enjoy the opportunity to keep busy and earn extra money.

  1. Travel

Get a change of scenery and explore a new place. Recharge your batteries. It’s good for your health!

How are you planning on spending your summer break? Leave a comment below!

One thought on “How To Make the Most of Your Summer Break

  1. I plan to visit family in Colorado, take a family vacation to the Grand Canyon, and take my wife on a cruise to Alaska for our anniversary. Things in common: Fresh air, mountains, revitalization!

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